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2022 - My Death

Hewo and Welcome!!
I'm N (ehh-n) and this is my little slice of the internet :3
( like a slice of cake!.... ok, now I'm hungry! )
HeartCake was created with the purpose of serving as my own coding playground + online journal.
It is a constant work in progress!!
Mentally ill + Neurodivergent. I am myself here. You've been warned! huhuhu

September, 10, 2023 added some more quiz answers to... well.. my quiz answers huhu
September, 05, 2023 i apologize for how quiet it's been!.. my mental and physical health have been taking a toll on me, but i'm doing my best (TuT)b
September, 04, 2023 Updated the song of the month for SEPTEMBER
August, 20, 2023 Updated the song of the month for AUGUST.. i am so silly!!!! i can't believe i forgot the song of the month until NOW!! oh well i guess, better late than never :D
July, 22, 2023 July 17th was my Birthday!! i had a pretty good one this year.. if i ever get around to adding my online diary page, there will be a little blurb about it there hehe..
July, 07, 2023 Updated the song of the month for JULY and cleaned up my shrines page a little (OuO)b
June, 17, 2023 Added a Kins page to my About Me for funsies
June, 14, 2023 Updated my About Me page again with some blinkies!!
June, 08, 2023 Updated my About Me page a bit
June, 07, 2023 Added SNEEKREALM to Internet Neighbours!
June, 05, 2023 Updated the song of the month for JUNE !! My life has been hectic lately and I haven't had as much time as I'd like to be able to mess around on my site here... Hopfully this will end soon xp
May, 03, 2023 Updated the song of the month for MAY
April, 11, 2023 Added VINK to Internet Neighbours :)
April, 01, 2023 Updated the song of the month for APRIL and added some characters to my Likes!!
March, 17, 2023 Created a Blog page :) You can find it through my About Me page
March, 16, 2023 Made this updates box and did a little more fixing up of the previously mentioned pages!! Also changed up the main page a bit :3c
March, 15, 2023 Updated my about + quiz answers + likes pages a bit. I think I like them so far! :)
I also moved my Guestbook to my Links page!

Song of the Month

previous songs of the month
August - Omega Rhythm
July - Age of Illusion
June - Push
May - I Want Love
April - Kill Me Baby
March - Sakasama No Chou
February - Love Song